Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me

Anyone watching the RNC? Fat Bottom Girl sure has. About every other speaker has brought tears to my eyes as they recount their stories of hard work and struggle, how they or there parents built there businesses from the ground up (They DID build that!), and how Romney and Ryan are the two men who can and will lead this country back to greatness.

After the recent attacks on me and my blog by PolitiJim, the uninformed jackass wannabe pundent, I was determined to make it very clear what my political beliefs for. You know, so he couldn't confuse me with a Tea Party infiltrating Occupy Wall Streeter or a Catholic Santorum supporter. I know you can't change right-wing nut jobs and liberal psychopaths, but you can reach those in the center, which is close to where I stand.

I don't go to church on Sunday and I didn't bow my head or say Amen when the closing prayer was said. I know the GOP is often referred to as the party of God and guns, and I do subscribe to the gun side, but you don't have to love Jesus to be a Republican.

I believe that gay people should have the same rights as every other American. You probably won't hear that at the convention. You will hear a lot about how GOPers value traditional marriage. What's wrong with that? Aren't they entitled to their beliefs? Disagreement doesn't mean hate. In fact, those same bible toting elephants are taught to love everyone. Yes, bigots and hateful people claim to be members of the party, but they exist in the liberal world as well and they make up a very small percentage. I look forward to the day that the religious right and the moral majority's grip is loosened on the party. Have you ever heard of the Log Cabin Republicans?

Oh, we're racist too, right? That's what I've heard. We don't like minorities and want to keep them in the gutter where they belong. Yeah right. Tell that to Gov. Susanna Martinez of New Mexico, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Gov. Nikki Haley of North Carolina, Congressional candidate Barbara Carrasco, Rep. Allen West of Florida, Fmr. Sec. of State Condolezza Rice, Gov. Luis Fortuna of Puerto Rico...need I go on? Minorities are Republicans too. Stop believing the Liberal propaganda that we're all racist rednecks.

I think I've strayed from my point. In the past three days, I have seen post after post about how evil and hypocritical we Republicans are. How our women are all sluts. How the hair and makeup touch-up booth for the ladies of the GOP sets the women's lib movement back. And how they wish Hurricane Isaac would have destroyed every last one of them. Does this sound like the tolerant Left? Are these same people who are accusing the Right of waging a war against women calling GOP women sluts? No, that would be as hypocritical as all these religious nut jobs, right?

I have watched speaker after speaker highlight the things that make America great, and all of these things, Obama is against. Try and deny it. I'll go talking point for talking point with you, except mine aren't going to be filled with campaign rhetoric, they'll be filled with fact.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Fat Bottomed Girl reading nation (too lame? I'll work on it), I endorse Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (who is kinda hot, no?) for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America. WE built this country and they know that and have the ability and determination to turn this country around. I'll go back to my regular not-charming and witty self tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The cool thing about the GOP as you said, is that we ALL can have different opinions on certain topics but in the end, for the most part, we come together, discuss our differences politely, agree to disagree WITHOUT calling anyone names then come together to rally around our candidate.

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

Well, I call names, but not because of political opinion.

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