Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ain't She Sweet

For those of you who don't know, I set up a GMail address specifically for my blog ( and linked it to the mail icon over there --------------------------->.

Feel free to email me any bitches, gripes, complaints, or suggestions you may have. It's easier than leaving a comment as you do not need a blogger account. I've been compiling some reader feedback for a Fan Mail blog. Most are from people telling me they were searching for porn and came across my blog and that they think I'm funny, even without the ass photos. A few were from hardcore Bangs fans. Some even tell me how much I suck through bad spelling and grammar. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts about anything you want to share with me.

Moving on.

I would like to have a contest. But not just any contest. I want to host a photo scavenger hunt. I've seen some super cute ones on other blogs, but this one will be Fat Bottomed Girl approved.

A girlfriend of mine and I used to do something similar. We had a list of things that you had to see in real life, take a photo of, and send it to the other. The other night at a friend's birthday dinner, I was reminded of this list when I spotted the one thing I was never able to find. Sitting a few tables away from us was a woman with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. The front of her shoulder. I won't go into detail about her weight or that the clothing she was wearing was for a younger person. You see, one of our list items was a butterfly tattoo that was NOT on the lower back or ankle.

I didn't zoom in, but it's definitely there.

The same (unnamed for dignity purposes) girlfriend informed me this photo also counts for the Hungry Hungry Hippos spot on the list. Yes, we are going to hell, but it's entertaining.

So here's the thing, I am compiling a list of things you must photograph. I think 5 things a week for 5 weeks. I'll post the list on Monday and you'll have until Friday to post them all on my Facebook page. The first to get all five things, wins for the week. At the end of the five weeks, the person who won the most weeks will win a fabulous prize.

Here's the kicker, I'm going to need proof that you saw this in real life and didn't just google a picture. So, you must post the pictures to Fat Bottomed Girl's FB page with a link to your Instragram account where the photos were originally posted. Instagram has a cool new map feature so I'll know where it was taken at. Plus, Instagram classes it up a bit, don't you think?

I'm taking suggestions for list items, should any of you have any crazy ideas. Also, the best photos will be featured each Friday. You can even create you're own caption.

What do all of you think? Fun idea? Any one have anything they'd like to see as a prize? I can tell you that what I have in mind will blow you're mind.

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