Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Defend You

Today counts as a Time Warp since I will be discussing the events of last week. Accept this logic and just let me rant. You'll like it.

Baloo had been reported to the Ministry of Magi.....wait, sorry. That's not right. I've managed to watch every Harry Potter movie in the past week and I'm getting my stories mixed. Let me start again.

Baloo has been reported to the head of faculty at University of Fictitious Bird. My very feisty academic advisor was beyond livid when I spoke with her on Friday about the situation that happened Thursday night. She told me that while she was unable to confirm or deny that Baloo had had previous complaints, she couldn't confirm or DENY that he had previous complaints. She said it four or five times and I politely played along, though I got it the first time. Big Time Army had already told me as much. She insisted that there will be an observer in each of my next classes with Baloo to ensure my "academic safety."

From here on out (or then on out?) all grades and online feedback is being monitored by some magical grade elf who will notify his bosses should my grades suddenly decline. Not a Harry Potter reference, that's really how my advisor explained it to me. When I laughed at the "magical grade elf" comment, she said "Well, you know, one of those people who use computers." If you're reading this from a computer, you are now a magical elf. I prefer the Lord of the Rings type of elf to the Harry Potter version. You're free to choose.

I also had to convey the incident in email form to the faculty director. He's a father of daughters and a PhD in Criminal Justice, so to say that these facts shaped the email I wrote would be an accurate statement. I detailed the humiliating and traumatic experience of the second class, but set up the incident by reliving week one as well. I think you could hear my tears. I referenced Baloo's version of events that he posted into my feedback forum. His version was seriously lacking the basic elements of the night...mainly, the truth and I said how upsetting it was that he not only sought to humiliate me in front of my peers, but to tarnish my sterling academic reputation.

In Baloo's feedback he stated that I shouted at him. I acknowledged this by saying that while I might have raised my voice to be heard over Baloo's discriminatory comments that seemed never-ending, I in no way shouted. I didn't come close to exerting that kind of energy. I also said that because of my service to the United States Air Force, I have been left with documented significant hearing-loss and inner ear problems that make it difficult to hear how loud I am (not BS, really is true). I said that I in no way wanted to be treated differently because of my disability, but as Baloo was aware of this issue, to accuse me of shouting is hurtful and disrespectful. Oh, did I mention my academic advisor filed a Americans with Disabilities Act complaint against him?

To put the cherry on top, I told him about how up until that moment, I was proud to say I was a member of the University of Ficticious Bird family, but now I felt dejected and humiliated by a man who is supposed to encourage and uplift. While I am not one to question teaching methods, surely there is nothing to gain from berating and chastising students. I didn't sacrifice all those years of my life in the military for an education to be treated like I was nothing, nor did I think that the other members of the class deserve to be bullied and threatened.

Everything in the email was true. I attached Baloo's feedback and snarky, unprofessional emails to me. I gave dates and times (thank goodness for live blogging to look back on) and informed him that a recording of the first class was available to him as evidence of Baloo's treatment of me, should it go that far. My advisor doesn't think it will, though she has heard the recording (I only made it because I thought I wouldn't be able to blog) and it only helped to piss her off more.

Thursday, I will be going to class. I don't now who the monitor will be, but I have been told it will be another criminal justice faculty member. Hopefully, it will be one of the many who I am told HATE Baloo. Oh, BTW, because I am awesome and have great relationships with all the right people, I found out that Baloo has had more than one complaint about him having to due with his treatment of women in the sheriff's department. Doesn't help me with my school issue, but it does give my evil mind some leverage.

I will say now, I am not looking for a fight. I just don't see the harm in coming to class fully prepared. And really, what Texas (fat bottomed) girl wouldn't come with fully loaded guns and extra ammo?

Depending on how class goes, I might just link you to his TMI Facebook page.


Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

Avada Kedavra!! Said in my best Snape voice...for your idiot Instructor. You rock!!

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

Snape would destroy this guy. I need to call Alan Rickman's agent.

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