Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Change is Gonna Come

I am a livid lady. Seriously seeing red. I want to punch some bitches in the face but in this case, it would be a hate crime. Let me explain.

I took Little Bug to school this morning as per usual. It was actually a great morning. She wasn't fussy when she woke up and didn't roll her eyes at me when I took pictures. Well maybe in this one she did, she wasn't facing me and was explaining to me that she didn't need me to hold her hand.

We got to school and I let her run to the playground to get in "one good slide trip" as she calls it. Then it was time to line-up with the rest of her class. Little Bug is in the collaborative Pre-k which means it is filled with 4-year-olds (who speak English already) and 3-4 year-olds with special needs. The other class, which lines up next to hers is the ESL class (English as a second language). All of the kids are Spanish speakers. When you think Spanish speakers and El Paso, you think Hispanics, and you would be right. The class is Hispanic only.

This morning, a tacky Hispanic woman shows up with her kid in tow and loudly greets one of the other moms. In English, mind you. She says "Oy yay, I haven't seen you in forevers!" and the other basically repeats this. The first mom is wearing too-tight skinny jeans, sky high wedges, a top that is meant for a teenager and her hair and makeup (while flawless) is more televangelist preacher than everyday wear. Her son has breakfast on his face and shirt and his hair is a hot mess. There is nothing I hate more than parents who take time on themselves and let their kids look like shit. Well, I probably hate terrorists and Iranians more, but I digress.

The woman explains to the second mom that she got a call from the school that her son would be "truanced" if she didn't bring him in. She said, "I thought it was like whenever you bring them. It's just preschooled." Apparently she didn't get the message that they are now enrolled in the public school system. Attendance matters. 

They babbled on about other shit and then Mom Numero Uno says to Numero Dos that all the kids in their class are Mexican and all the kids in Little Bug's class are white. "That's so racists cuz they keep the gringos together." Um, what?! Little Bug's class has at least one kid of EVERY race, seriously. We even have a Samoan kid. But why does that even matter?! Your child's class is for kids that do not speak English. They're taught the same curriculum as my kid, but in Spanish. Would you like my English speaking child to be put in your class just to whiten up the place? Do you want your kid in the other class so they can sit and not understand what's going on? Our children are there to learn. Your child is in that class to learn English with a specially designed system that makes that happen.

Maybe she should have taught her kid some of that English she was talking shit in, then he could be with the "gringos." I know saying anything to her would have been a waste of time. She'd just call me a racist of make a scene, so I let it go. It isn't worth looking like a bitch in front of my child, though she had no problem running her mouth in earshot of the kids. Plus, who really wants to go to jail for beating the face in of a dumb twat? Not me.

Here's why I got livid. As the kids were walking into the building, at the end of the line was this little girl in Little Bug's class who has Down's Syndrome. She's so stinkin' cute and is super fierce. Doesn't want to hold the teacher's hand, is the first one to try and sneak over to the playground before the bell, told her dad that she doesn't need him to stay in the morning because she's a big girl, I just love her. Anyway, she's bringing up the rear and I start to walk out to the parking lot and I hear Numero Uno say to Numero Dos, "At least we don't have that!" followed by them laughing and looking directly at her.

I wanted (and still want) to cut a bitch. The violence in Juarez would look like world peace after I got done with them. Who the fuck laughs at a special needs kid? That little girl has more intelligence and spirit in her pinkie than you do in your entire FAMILY. I actually stopped walking and almost started towards her, but my fear of prison stopped me. I did play a grisly death scene in my head where they were leaving the school and got ran over and dragged for miles by the day care drop off bus. I was actually disappointed when it didn't come to fruition. 

People like that, be they any race, piss me the fuck off. Karma cannot come hit those broads fast enough. I'm going to try and let it go, but if they're running their mouths at pick-up today, I might have an update for you. I'll still be blogging class tonight, see you then.


JML+MNK said...

This happens all to often, especially at my boys' school in lower valley El Paso. The mothers, and the administration all know me, and know to hold their tongues, some wven turn theother way when they see me coming. Tiff, you have inspired me to start a blog as well... but I fear that I could never succeed with it as well as you have. ~tess

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

Succeed? Eh, I wouldn't call em successful, just consistent, lol. I just think that people who can look at a little girl so bright and vibrant and only see that she has Downs are terrible assholes who need to be beaten, regardless of race. I wouldn't care if the classes were mixed. Little Bug could benifit from learning Spanish from those kids and vice versa, but honestly, it seems like it is always the Hispanics throwin' the shade and hate in this town.

ChrisDavid said...

I'm with you. I can let their bias against the 'gringo' slide due to their own ignorance. Because you know what would happen if the classrooms were fully integrated between speakers and non-speakers of English. They would complain that their students were put at disadvantage because they don't know English.

However, referring to a Down's child like that... that probably would have gotten some sort of response out of me.

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

If i had been closer and knew for sure they were talking about her, I have no doubt I would have lost it. But the more mature Fat Bottomed Girl decided to not get barred from the school.

zion hackler-Lopez said...

I can't wait to come home and be the one to drop her off at school.

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