Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Guess I Showed Her

Class is going to suck. More on that later. Right now I want to bitch about Baloo.

Last week he gave the class the option of writing a one-page paper on Stuxnet for one extra credit point. I need that one point to ensure I get my 100%, so of course I wrote it. Baloo gave me the one point. End of story? Nope. You see, Baloo is so determined to fuck with me, he marked last week's paper down to 9/10 with no explanation. I'm still at a 99, except there is no reason I should be. I scoured the paper I wrote (the not extra credit one) looking for any mistakes. None. I looked at the instructor provided feedback. Nothing stating why I was deducted the point. Zilch.

In fact, it says:

+1 bonus point Ms. Golden, as usual you have submitted an outstanding individual assignment this week. You touched on all of the major points for this weeks assignment as delineated in the course syllabus. Your assignment was formatted correctly with an introduction, body, & conclusion in which you provided in depth research & analysis of this weeks topic. You also met the word & reference minimums for a complete, comprehensive assignment. Your assignment is well written. The information flows smoothly from page to page, and you provided lucid examples of the practical application of the theories we discussed this week. Your ideas are easy to understand and it was truly a pleasure to read your assignment this week. Your assignment was properly formatted to the APA style. You included the page headers & proper APA in-text citations. Your reference page was properly formatted and you have met all the APA requirements this week. 

Not one thing about a deduction. He just can't let me get that 100.

Katniss isn't here tonight, so I've got Blond Sonja and Juarez Teenager Female for my backup. We have a quiz tonight that is only worth 4 points, but it's two essay questions. Okay, like 300 words for each, but that might as well be an essay for these people. We studied together before class, but I think it was more for them than for me because all I can seem to remember is the stupid shit they said.

Baloo is bullshitting with another CJ instructor and they're talking about other instructors. Baloo has referenced cronyism several times. I just can't figure out who they are talking about. I think they may be talking about our next instructor, but I can't be sure. I think he knows that I'm listening while typing and he hurried the man out. He decided to start class at 15 after and again, I am in the middle. I get to wait for the left side of the classroom (Moobs, Typhoid Maria, Semper Fucking Idiot, Fat Alberto) to go first, then me, then the right side of the classroom (Blond Sonja, JTF, The Deputy, Piercy Paula.) I wanted to go first so I could get it over with and go pee. I don't want to sit and listen to them babble on about shit that has nothing to do with organized crime. So far we've talked about a fight between two bikers, the school district wanting a raise in property taxes, and a coyote smuggling in illegals. No ties to organized crime for any of all.

I gave mine about the two alleged C.I.A. operatives that were wounded in Mexico. 12 Mexican Federal Police were detained for their involvement and they think they were acting on behalf of the Sinaloa cartel. Blond Sonja shocked the hell out of me by bringing up the 4 former Army members who killed another comrade and his girlfriend for threatening to rat them out because of the group's plot to overthrow the government. Sadly, she didn't know that militia's (which is what the group claims to be) are recognized by the US Constitution. She said they should make militias illegal "cuz you can't do that shit." Oh, but you can. Le sigh.

Can we just take this fucking quiz already?!?!?!

Okay, we took the quiz. I want all the time I spent studying back. Here I was thinking I had to have a minimum of 300 words and explain the answers in detail, but no. He posted the questions on the board and said, "You'll get full credit if you just write something that's even close to the answer. Really, I only gave it because I have to." What. The. Fuck!?!?!?!?  He even left the room for the majority of it, didn't make us turn off our computers, and didn't make us put our notes away. I hate this man.

We took break right after and though we were supposed to be back by 8. Baloo didn't come back until 8:30. No explanation. He just started right up with police brutality. He asked if before personal video cameras, if officers "employed different tactics" than they do today. Semper Fucking Idiot replied, "Well, now we have to use verbal Judo more than we would have back then." I LOL'd real world. I guarantee he has been dying to use that phrase for months now. It was written all over his face. He was waiting for someone to ask what verbal Judo was, but no one did. Even Baloo steamrolled him by saying that he wasn't asking about what cops do now. I smiled and said, "Back in the 1980's cops were able to beat suspects because the people were to scared to report it or they know no one would believe them." SFI scoffed and said, "But that's not policy." Baloo then laughed and said, "I have been a police officer since the 80's and policy didn't matter. You could do it and get away with it. No need to protect the cops, we all know they cracked skulls." Ne ner ne ner ne nerrrr. Childish? Yeah, but delightful none the less. His badge is sitting on the table in front of him (again) and he keeps playing with it. Baloo said, "What are you gonna do with that? Mine trumps yours." Again, I LOL'd real world.

Has the law enforcement bromance ended? Baloo has continued to silence Semper Fucking Idiot at every opportunity. He shushed him more than actual "shusssshhh." Karma motherfucker.

Well, now I know he's an idiot. He has a slide about "Charles Lucas" and the bio is strangely similar to Frank Lucas of American Gangster fame. Oh, because it is. Blond Sonja told him that his slide was wrong, the guy's name is Frank, not Charles. Baloo said, "Well, no. The guy's name was changed for the movie." I jumped.

Me: No, his name was Frank Lucas. He was a real man.
Baloo: Well, the book said Charles.
Me: The book is wrong.
Baloo: Well, the man who wrote it has a PhD, so I doubt that.
Me: Well, I have and google and there is no famous drug kingpin named Charles Lucas.
Baloo: But it's in the book.
Me: So, you're teaching us incorrect material. His name was still Frank.

He quickly changed the subject. PWND bitch. He wants to take my point, I'll take your dignity. He ramble on for a few more slides and as the time approached 9:30, we somehow got onto zombies. True story, bro. Baloo is not an expert on them by any means, but I had flashbacks to my film class discussion. Well, except that I can express my disdain for these people's lack of knowledge with my tone a little better. Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text (except on here:)).

As we were leaving, Semper Fucking Idiot stormed over to Baloo's desk to grip about his grade. From what I could hear, SFI was furious that he was only given a 5 on his paper. He said it should at least be a 7 because he had 3 references. Baloo told him he needed 4 and that really, he only had one in-text citation and the rest were just referenced at the bottom with no proof he used them. I had to pee so I didn't stay for the rest, but it is safe to say that the bromance is dead.

Not-so-shockingly, I am the only person who has an A right now, besides Katniss. During break everyone was bitching about their grades. JTF got a 4 and two 7's on her papers, while Blond Sonja got a 4 on all three. Typhoid Maria has been pulling straight 6's and Fat Alberto said, "You know, he's a tough graders but I think I'll get a C, you know." The Deputy says he should also get a C, as did Piercy Paula and Doppelganger. Moobs left before lunch....something tells me he's no better off. The other two guys, well, they don't have blog names so they don't matter. 

I still think Baloo is a giant waste of space who has ruined "The Bear Necessities" for me as every time he walks in I hear it in my head. I can safely say I hate him. But I can also say, he's a stern grader...even though I have no doubt his corrections are wrong.

Well, it is time for bed folks. Early morning fun is only 6 hours away. Nighty night.


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