Monday, August 27, 2012

Forever Young

Little bug started school today. It's only Pre-K and 3 hours-a-day, but it's at the elementary school. She loved it and I didn't cry one bit. It was a nice break.

So no must have's today (I know, again!). You're treated to pics of my lovely on her first day of school.

She seemed a bit nervous @ breakfast.

About to leave, her smile finally popped out!

Waiting to go in...

She looks a bit terrified on the left, but soon was her hammy self again!

They have to line up before they can be released.

My Little Bug did wonderful!

And now, Little Bug would like to tell all of you how her day was:

I. Love. My. Friends. Julianna is my best friend and she is really nice. She has blue bows and brown hair. They love me too. School is fun because I get to learn math and teach the kids. Rainbows are really pretty but I didn't see one today. My friends love flowers. Flowers are okay, but rainbows are really prettier.

I had fun today and I didn't cry. The one boy with the necklace, he cried all day. I cried this morning because Momma woked up me so early. That's not nice.

I was being good and I listened to the rules from my teacher. I don't remember number one, but number 2 is to raise your hand if you want to talk. Oh, number 1 is be nice. Or be quiet. I did that. My teacher says I am a good helper and I told her because I practice.

Momma came and got me like she said. She didn't leave me. That's why I didn't cry. She comes back for me. Maybe the kids that cried don't have mommas that come back. The one boy with the necklace did but he still cried.

Momma took me to Hobby Lobby after school. She's gonna make me hair bows for Friday in 1000 months. I get to wear my school shirt. It's blue and white and has a coyote that says "Awwwooooooo!" But I'm not a coyote, I'm just pretending.

I get to watch Yo Gabba Gabba now so goodbye and see you later. Don't smell my feet because Momma said that's gross.

There you have it folks, straight from Little Bug. See you tomorrow!


Nic Hunter said...

How friggin' adorable is she? Seriously...I want three or four for Christmas. So glad that she was a big girl and handled herself accordingly on her first day. Though seriously...would you expect anything else?

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

I think she ran that shiz today. Her teacher said that she was so well behaved and helpful that she thought Little Bug was much older than four. Little Bug replied, "Yes, people tell me that all the time."

Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

WOOT!!! She is my girl!! I am so excited for you! I am so glad she didn't have a hard time.

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