Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Importance of Being Idle

I know, I know, I didn't blog yesterday. I suck and I'm lazy and everything else you're thinking. I'm just finding Friday's so hard to write for. I need a designated theme so I don't have an excuse to not write.

So, for right now, you get pictures of my week. Pretend you enjoy it.

Sunday: I made chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Oreos. They didn't look pretty, but they were a chocolate orgasm in my mouth.

Monday: Hubby brought home a Beretta 96 40 S&W. I am a happy girl.

Tuesday: Rumsfeld has found a new chair to claim as his own. Little Bug has been pissed every time she finds him there. I expect a brawl any day now.

Wednesday: My loofah, wait for it, CUT ME. You know the rope part that is usually tied and glued to stay attached to the puff? Mine has a vendetta against my leg apparently. 

Thursday: Blond Sonja and those hooker hoop earrings. Next time I try to get her gut that is wrapped in XS Forever 21 tops. The Deputy didn't know I was snapping a pic, yet he's still looks like a creeper looking my way.

Friday: Little Bug spent most of the day cleaning her room. Big difference, huh?

Also, the Sun City forgot why it got its name and it rained.

I took Little Bug to the movies today. We saw Ice Age. It was blog worthy to say the least, but I'm going to refrain. We're watching the Olympics and since this only happens every four years, it gets priority.

See you Monday!


Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

I wanna wear your skin. LOL!!!! :) Love the photos!!!

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

Water just came out of my nose as I read that. Very painful, but fantastic. I wonder if anyone else has had water come out of their nose. Hmmm, it probably went farther than mine.

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