Monday, July 30, 2012


Little Bug had to get shots today. She was brave and conned me into a doughnut afterward. She has 2 more next month and then one in December and then she'll be all caught up. It seems like a bunch, but because the medical clinic in Germany lost her shot record, she had to get some repeats. When we PCS'd they gave us the wrong one and then when I called from the states (one hell of a bill) they said they purged their records. Um, by law you have to keep them for 5 years after the child's 18th birthday. Apparently, Little Bug is 23 now.

Whatever. She needs them anyway, now she's just super protected when she starts school next month. Yep. Next. Month. It's pre-K and only 3 hours a day, but she's very excited. I am too, but the more I think about it, the sadder I get! She's really going to be fine, I don't even think she'll miss me all that much, but I worry about how the other kids will treat her.

Too many times here in the Sun City she's been picked on for being blond-haired and blue-eyed. She's gotten teased for not speaking Spanish or for pronouncing something wrong when she tries. She's really one of the kindest kids you'll ever meet but doesn't quite grasp why other kids aren't. How do you tell your 4-year-old that someone doesn't want to be their friend because of her skin color? Especially when things like that don't even enter into her mind.

I'm just going to have to be THAT MOM. I'll volunteer for everything, make snacks and crafts and all that jazz to ensure she's getting treated well, if not better, than the other kids. I'll join the PTA and kiss whoever's ass I need to to make damn sure that she isn't discriminated against or picked on. It breaks my heart when someone is mean to her (and I try not to break their faces) but I will be damned if it happens at school.

Now on to happy school! She doesn't have to wear a uniform (kinda bummed, they're so cute!). This leaves me with unlimited potential to have a pre-k fashionista. And backpacks...they are so stinkin' cute! There's a Brave one that I love for her, but she'll probably want something pink. Lame.

Today was supposed to be a Must Have Monday, but I highly doubt any of you really would like any of the things I picked. I'm in class mom mode and already have a super long school must list.

I'll return to typical Fat Bottomed girl form tomorrow. I'll time warp one of my most memorable first days of school, Riggins, Idaho. It is not to be missed.

Until then, feel free to share with me some pre-k tips for me and her. Routines that work, sleep schedules, whatever will make this stress free and fun! See you tomorrow.


Ana Lyman said...

Isaac is doing kindergarten this year--ahhh! Corvallis only does half day kinder, and he's in the afternoon slot. I am anxious for the exact same reasons you are: little kids are mean! I want to protect him like crazy, keep his innocence to the cruelty of the world, and be that tiger mommy. Already, in our little apartment complex, he's had older kids laughing at him for how he's play...he's 5 you stupid ass kids! Go pick on someone your own size! But then I realize, Isaac *is* their size, and they don't know he's only 5 years old. He's gregarious and odd and I love that about him! His heart is huge, his smile quick, and I just hope that this year won't sour his heart.

We just got his backpack, and we're slowly gathering his school supplies. I think the hardest part will be balancing being involved with him and his school, and bring Phinneas along for the ride :D

Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

She will do great. :) My tip is an early bed time, and pick out clothes/hair stuff the night before. Routine is super important!!

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