Tuesday, June 26, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

The last time I blogged about neighbors, I told you all about the fucking trash that lives across the street. The Douchebag Family. While that is a code name, it is shockingly similar to their actual name and I feel the need to expand on their awfulness. And their compulsive and twisted need to make as much noise as humanly possible to annoy everyone on our street.

It started yesterday. My Dad and Hubby were outside laying down some sod and the nutjobs were out in full force. Krysstofer (yes that is the real spelling) is the oldest and apparently a reformed pervert. He molested a little boy down the street and his siblings, despite how they tell the story now. He was also the ringleader of all the crazy. Seeing my father and husband beautifying our home must have really enraged him as he rounded up Khevan, Rhyan, Randy, Traicee, and Athena and they all got in their vehicles (probably stolen) and started honking their horns. Some thought they were creative and tried to tap out a tune, some went with the solid blast, but Krysstofer stood on the sidewalk and stared at the men in my family like they were his next rape victim. Dad was unfazed as he's probably losing his hearing, but Hubby stood up and stared right back. Not with the "I'm gonna rape that ass" look, but with a "Try something fucker and you'll meet the business end of my shotgun" kind of look. It must have been effective because he motioned for them to all rally up back within the walls of their compound.

Not the best pic, but getting closer might cause health hazards!

They did it again last night. Honking like mad at 9pm for no reason other than to get a rise from us. Kind of like the rise Kryss gets when he thinks about sex with his siblings. The pic above shows only 3 cars outside, last night, they were all there. The old man/step-dad Paul drives the town car, Nirus (the matriarch) drives a Ford Flex that has a personalized plate that says "Mum of 6". The ex-husband/father of the demons also lives their and drives a Ford F-150. Khevan and Rhyan drive matching Ford Fiesta hatchbacks in silver. Kryss has a red Fiesta. Traicee and her husband each have Focuses (white and blue) and Athena doesn't have a car yet. Randy has a car as well, but since I am 99% sure he works for a Cartel, his car changes often. Add Randy's baby momma's car that is often parked in front of our house, the party guests that are their nightly, and the illegal go-kart they have, it's an average of 13 cars a night. 13 cars that all honked and beeped because this time, they set off the alarms too. 

I was on the phone with my Aunt in the back yard and even she heard it. It was then I began my black ops assualt plan. I could climb up to the neighbors roof next to them in the dead of night and use an air soft gun to puncture their tires. Maybe use a grappling hook to zip-line into their compound wall and just start breaking shit. It's getting to be so fucking annoying. This morning they were at it again. I know they just want a reaction and every fiber of my being is being used to supress the reaction I have.

I'm not sure what's worse though. The horns are bad, but knowing that these kind of people exsist is pretty horrifying. Traicee is probably the worst. She's the oldest daughter and a wise man once told me to never trust a Tracy that spells their name like a stripper (Thanks Bill!). Her children are always running into the road while she stands in the driveway on her phone talking to her pusher or her johns or screaming at her husband. I always manage to glance out the window as her child is inches away from being smashed by a car. I gasp in shock each time and yet, she reacts with the urgancy of molasses. I shouldn't be suprised, this is a creature that has had 2 abortions, smoked and drank during her first pregnancy, was arrested for pot posession during her second pregancy, and gets drunk and passes out in her driveway. Not watching her children as cars go by is relatively minor on her grand-scale of douchiness.

The youngest, Athena, is perhaps the saddest of the bunch. She's 16 and has had more dick in her than a pair of men's briefs. One night, she was getting plowed through and eaten out by two boys in the driveway while her brother Khevan smoked a ciggerette less than five feet away. I wouldn't have known this except they felt the need to yell and blast music at 1 am as it was happening. Cops were called each time, but no one does anything. Granted, Paul and one of his pedophile friends molested her and her siblings from an early age according to Traicee and being the youngest, Athena endured all kinds of abuse. Back in 2003 when my grandmother died and we didn't know the full amount of crazy these people were, Nirus brought Athena over to our house and asked my mom if she could watch her. Without waiting for an answer, she left, and didn't return for her 5 yr old daughter until 4 am. Athena spilled her guts to us about the abuse from old men and her siblings and she was so scared to fall asleep around strangers, she kept beating herself in her head to stay awake. The child has a metal plate in her head (probably from abuse) and she hit it repeatedly because it jolted her to consciouness. How terribly awful is that?

This was supposed to be a Time Warp Tuesday and now it's just a full blown rant. These people bring out the worst in me. Every breath they take is toxic to my being. But nothing makes them disappear. Not police raids, not threats, not city ordanances, it feels as if they can get away with anything. Oh wait, because they do. I have called in plates of people who are parked out front CLEARLY buying drugs, the police take 10 hours to respond...if they come at all. We, along with several neighbors have called in noise complaints, they turn it up louder as the cops are telling them to shut it off. They pointed a gun at me as I walked to the mailbox. Still nothing. 

I'd love to hear some suggestions from you guys, you know, what you would do if they were your neighbors. 


Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

Blech. I have no words....

Tiffany said...

I KNOW. I wish I had no words.

John McCord said...

Lets just say theres a well suppressed part of me that would have set their shit on fire long ago.

L. said...

Sweet zombie Jesus--and I had to the gall to complain about my neighbor's tweenage daughter and her friends screaming bloody murder at 9 pm. I'll take them any day over your shit show across the street.

Walker said...

The only thing that comes to mind is Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino... Except in my version I'm not the one who dies.

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