Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Can't Make It On Time

Tuesday's time warp was delayed (again) as I did not have any idea of what to write. I thought you people understood I rely on your suggestions to get the ol' brain workin'. Apparently not. I still haven't gotten any, but I watched a video on HuffPo today that made me say "Fuck Time Warp Tuesday." It's about to get real.

A woman named Karen Huff Klein works as a school bus monitor in the city of Rochester, New York. She has lived there her whole life, about to attend her 50th high school reunion, has been widowed for 17 years and 10 years ago lost her son to suicide. She works as a bus monitor to ensure that the children aren't being harmed or bullied by each other or the bus driver. However, the unappreciative, disrespectful, asshole children that ride the bus are the bullies that she needed protection from. Here's the video:

WARNING: This video may make you want to beat the shit out of these little punk ass children.

If you couldn't keep watching, I understand. I wanted to cry for her. I wanted to give her a hug. I wanted to snatch the little bitch with the phone up and throw him out the damn window. Did you see the one who poked her with his yearbook? I'd press assault charges.

I'm not sure what is worse, what they said or that they filmed it and uploaded it. Obviously what was said to this woman was beyond awful, but these little bastards were so proud of what they did, they put it on the Internet. I'm sure one (or more) of them is delighting in how many hits it has gotten. I wish, that for every hit this video gets, the same amount of hits is given to these creatures of evil by their parents.

Speaking of parents, we all like to go straight to the righteous indignation and believe that our children would NEVER behave this way. These kids must have crack-whore, alchie, white-trash, ghetto, hoodlum, (pick your adjective) single mothers and absent father's to act like this. You know you thought it. More than likely, these kids come from a normal household with normal upbringings. Mommy and Daddy love one another and little Billy, Juan, or Jamal get lots of love and attention. You know what they don't get? Lessons in respect and ass-whoppings.

Like most American children in the upper-levels of elementary school and middle school, they know there is not a god damn thing that teachers, bus drivers, and in this case, school bus monitors can do to them. Teachers can't hit them, can't take their cell phones, can't correct them even without a parent contacting the authorities. "Oh my baby is being harassed!" Why? Because a teacher told him to sit his fat ass down and pay attention?

There is a black teenage girl (yes, her race matters) in California that reported to the police that her teacher slapped her several times across the face because she didn't bring her required notebook, pen/pencil, and books to class (which she showed up late for). The NAACP (see, told you race was relevant) is calling for the teacher to be fired and sued and probably burned at the stake because this was "clearly a racially motivated incident." The girl is also suing the school for $1,010,000 for pain and psychological damages. The school conducted an investigation and found the teacher only "patted" the girl and students that were present have backed up the teacher. But let's sue anyway. The teacher, who is Hispanic, has apologized but that isn't good enough. A million bucks will make it good enough.

I'm not saying that hitting a student is okay, but what's the back story? There are reports that the girl is always tardy, never brings her homework, has a bad attitude and is very disrespectful to the teacher and other students. The school is standing behind the teacher and students of all races are backing her as well. There are reports out of Malibu (where the school is) that the girl has recanted her story after investigators started doubting it. Nothing official yet, but look how quickly this story spread? Can't find a retraction but you can find the initial reports. And that's what these kids see. If they don't get their way, if someone has the audacity to correct them, they'll just lie about them. Who cares if you destroy an adults reputation when they did nothing wrong? What message are her parents sending her by pursuing a lawsuit?

Back to the kids in the Karen Huff Klein case, are they going to sue next? I'm sure there is a lawyer who'd take that case somewhere. "My client was saying those vile things because he was in fear that Ms. Klein was actually going to sweat on him." Next thing you know, the kids will be demanding apologies from the district and Ms. Klein because of the emotional trauma they feel by being outed as assholes. The police are even being called to post guards at the homes of the children because they claim to fear for their safety. Seriously. You should fear for your safety....from your parents! They should beat that ass until it's black and blue. But no, these kids are the victims now. Poor, poor kids that were just expressing themselves.

Karen gave an interview where she (because she's a good person) defended the kids. "They weren't that bad all year. They just had one day. I don't know what possessed them. I hope that this might help other people, that's what I really hope. To go though all this for nothing would not be satisfactory." These four boys (their names are in the comments) relentlessly attacked a woman old enough to be their grandmother and even after seeing her cry, KEPT GOING. How do you pick on a woman that is still trying to find the good in your pathetic ass?! How?! 

If those are the names of the boys, they should be shared. Make. Them. Famous. Let everyone know that they are cruel and pathetic and deserve to be humiliated and shamed. And fuck an apology, I highly doubt it would be sincere anyway. 

Before anyone gets all uppity in the comments, I am fully aware of the bullying the bully philosophy I seem to be supporting. I am also aware that I could also be labeled a bully for my Thursday Thrashings. There is no justification for what I write. I'm old and grown enough that I don't have to supply one. I'm honest and truthful about what goes down in class. If any of these people ever read it and said "Hey, that sounds a lot like me," I would smile politely and ask what their point was. No one gets a blog reference without provocation, something that cannot be said for the attack on Ms. Klein. And if you really think I'm such a bully, why the hell are you reading this anyway? 

These boys in New York should be banned from riding the bus. Permanently. Let the parent's worry about how to get them to school. I bet when Mommy and Daddy start being inconvenienced by the dropping off and picking up, the kids will feel it to. No more iPhone to upload mean videos. No more TV and XBOX and hanging out with friends. Make them work for redemption. Start with Ms. Klein's yard. I'm sure she could use some help. And isn't what they did a hate crime? They reference her weight and age, so charge the punks. The girl in Malibu should be charged with filing a false police report. Let's see how that looks on a college application. Teach our children that there are consequences for bad behavior. 

I'm done for today. Anger makes me hive out.


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