Monday, May 28, 2012

I'd Love to Change the World

...but I'll start with my blog. New layout, feel more me than that shiny, happy thing I had up before. Tell me what you think in the comments or via FB or Twitter. It took a really long time because I have no idea what the fuck I am you better say it's awesome.

Also, still taking suggestions for a theme for my soon-to-come Tuesday and Saturday blogs. Thursday is unofficially a "Thursday Thrashing" if that helps you. I'd kind of like to have a more generalized blog post on the other two days, but if someone offers an awesome recurring theme, then I will so be down with that.

One last thing, if any of you that read this know how to create a photo header, I'd love some help...or you can make this into one for me:

Thanks peeps.


Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

I love the new ledger style! Very cool!!

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