Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ring The Alarm

Let me just say, there is no difference between 105 and 110 degrees. None. So when my Weather Channel app says it is 110 degrees but it feels like 105, it's full of shit. Especially when I have to walk from the farthest parking spot from the gym door. HAd people learned how to park correctly, it wouldn't have been the only parking spot that wouldn't put my car doors at risk.

Anyway, get to the gym at 1420 ish. Do a quick run in place, stretch it out and then hit the treadmil runnin'. Okay, not even cloise to running. But I did do a level 15 incline on 3 speed for 15 min straight. No biggie. I'm just that good. Next came 15 min on Mt. Kilaminjaro on level 10 resistance on the bike. 15 min powering through the eliptical and then a 15 min cool down on the treadmil. Nothing crazy. My legs still are a bit sore from yesterday.

Here's the important part: fattest man I have ever seen at a gym harassing this elderly couple. He kept waddling back and forth while they used the sit down bikes (the ones with the actual chair) and asking gruffly if they were almost done. Then he would grunt and pant off when they politely say "nope, not yet". Fucking priceless. I think his exercise was merely the five feet he ws pacing. Worst part, he got on the bike during my cool down and was directly in my line of sight, distracting me from The Kardashians playing on the TV. Even my skullcandy's couldn't block out the noises. That poor little chair on that poor little bike. His girth swallowed it. I felt like I was watching the biggest loser in real life, except he barely peddled and was trying to play some game with his fat fingers on his little phone.

Where was the Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm when I needed it? Granted, this guy wasn't a meathead trying to show off in the mirror, but he clearly was a lunk. And I know it's a "judgement free environment" and normally I would say "Wow, good for him! If he can do it, so can I" but this guy was just such a fuckwad. If I see him in there again, I'm going straight for the bike he likes. Count on it.


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