Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Dance

I think the secret to being less fat is dancing with your 3 year old daughter. Or maybe it's the ab-working belly laughs when she is singing "Run The World" by Beyonce. Apparently, she runs this mutha.

Seriously, I had to have burned a couple hundred calories in the past 30 minuets. Which is good...because I really didn't do anything else today except get Ella's 4th of July pics done and eat the most amazing Seared Ahi Tuna Sandwich at Crave.

I'll do better tomorrow. I think I'll go to the gym by myself and destroy the eliptical and do some core exercises. As Ella likes to say "I go hard in the paint".


Ana said...

That's the fun thing about babes for sure :) Bad thing about Isaac and Phinneas: dancing with them gets them all wound up so when I'm pooped, they buzz around me like caffeinated hummingbirds asking why I'm all sweaty, gross and tired!

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