Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Legs

At least I hope they will be. Took a break yesterday from P90x and started day 5 today. Legs and back. Shockingly, it didn't hurt as bad as I had mentally prepared myself for. Like, I feel good. I say this now. I'm sure in a few hours when I am sitting in class trying not to kill myself or the ignorant "students", I'll be feeling it. Maybe the pain will be a motivator to stay awake.

Have a good week ahead of me. Class tonight...okay, not a good start. But Tuesday is Day 6 then some gym time for abs and then a nice cool down swim....then some one on one with Hubby. Wednesday, an early morning Day 7 workout, trip to the Books Are Gems store with the Mommies, then maybe a swim and a three mile walk. Thursday....I don't know actually. I think I mapped that out for my class presentation I have to put together and of course Day 8. Day 9 on Friday and a movie with the bug. Saturday is Day 10 and some swimming, then Sunday rest day!

Realistically, nothing will go as planned and I will be pulling my hair out by 2300 hrs tonight, but fingers crossed!


Tiffany said...

BTW...the bands I linked are amazing! Hubby can have his pull up bar, resistance bands are soooo much better!

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