Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burn It To The Ground

Oh the pain of lunges and squats! I curse the day you born P90x man. I think you need to be punched in the face, but something tells me you would keep smiling and say something motivational. It also really blows that todays workout had a guy with a prostetic leg. Like, he has a fake leg and he can do it. What kinda of vag would I be if I didn't finish?

Apparently, Mom and Hubby had already did Day 1 yesterday, so we did Day 2 today. Plyometrics. I'm sure it's some made up name that translated litterally means shitting horse or something, but it was hard as hell. I barely, and I do mean barely, finished. Had a nice swim in the pool in the afternoon though and now the ol' legs aren't burning as bad.

Arms and shoulders tomorrow. Woo hoo. Let's just hope that my little one doesn't want to be carried at all.


Shannon said...

BAHAHA.... P90x kicks ass. :) I have it..I have had it for a year...and here it sits with dust gathering on it.

Ana said...

I hate his smile. That's all I have to say about that one :D

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