Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dirty, Dirty People

I received a call today from Vile, Filthy, Rotten Cunt. VFRC lived next door to us in a house she rented from her mother-in-law for next to nothing. She has four children, each one set to be scarred for life because of her constant screaming and berating and psychological abuse. Her husband is a lard ass who is constantly cheating on her....yes, she is aware of it, and after his most recent indiscretion with her rotten toothed BFF, VFRC decided it was time to move the family to Misery, I mean Missouri. Misery is what the state will now be called since they have arrived.

Would you care for more detail? You would? Well, I should probably show restraint...just fucking kidding.  This has been a blog almost a decade in the making.

I have had the displeasure of knowing VFRC for almost 8 years. When my family first moved to El Paso, she was dating her now husband who lived next door to us with his mother. They were 17 and 18 when it started and before you go all "Awww, high school sweethearts" on me, they were never happy. Ever. I don't care how you re-tell your past on FB, they were always miserable and fighting. She was Mormon with criminal white trash with money racist parents and he was Catholic, entitled, lazy and the typical Mexican son who can do no wrong in his mother's eyes. He was cheating on her then too, but what does she do to get back at him? Gets pregnant.

So they both drop out of college and take off to live with her father in Utah. Over the next 6 years they moved from place to place, created 3 more innocent lives to ruin, mooched off of people, tortured grandparents by using their children as a bargaining chip and eventually came to settle in the same house next door that Jizz's (close enough to his real name) mother let them rent for LESS than what she could have. She could have gotten 1500 a month for it and let them rent it for 950. 950 that was never paid on time if paid at all. A once beautifully landscaped yard became nothing but weeds and cigarette butts and a random sand pit full of dog shit that her children would play in. Walls got covered in food, fecal matter, crayon drawings and chunks missing from a dog that chewed through them. Fairly new appliances were stained and broken with no intent to repair. The tiled floors became satined with a thick layer of scum and the carpet stained with urine and whatever liquid you could imagine. Ants roamed the pantry. VFRC's brother was even moved in (the dog was his) and a giant section of carpet upstairs was ripped up. He smoked as well, adding to the butt collection that was now the front yard.

To say that this place was a glorified trailer park is unkind, there are people in trailer parks that are very clean. Let's just say that comparing the home of VFRC to a dump is probably the most accurate description, except more filth.

So anyway, Hubby, Bug, and I have been biting our tongues for a while now. We would let Bug play with the kids, but she was never allowed inside. Ont he few occasions she would try to go in, some excuse as to why we wouldn't want her in their was made. I sat her down on more than one occasion and had to explain to her that we don't go inside VFRC's house because she wasn't done cleaning it yet. When the kids would try to touch her with their germ covered booger hands, we were right there to swoop her up and away. Countless times Bug would tell VFRC's kids that they had boogers on their face and to have their mommy wipe them, but the boogers would just stay stuck. Their hair was never done, their clothes were stained or knit by VFRC and not weather appropriate. But what really made me hate her was the yelling.

Not one single day passed that VFRC did not scream bloody murder at those children. without exaggeration, VFRC has used every curse word under the sun and screamed it at her kids. She was so loud that you could be on the opposite side of our house with the windows closed and hear her. More than once I had calmly walked next door and asked her if she needed any help with the kids, perhaps a break and she would laugh and say "No, I'm just a yeller." Bug used to ask me if I thought Miss VFRC was going to hit the kids. A three year-old knows that this woman is out of control, but to VFRC it's just because she's a yeller. I have never witnessed hugs, kisses, I Love You's, or any compassion towards her children. If they fell, she would say "That's what you get for not listening" or "Well you should have fucking listened." So damaged are these children that they actually hit each other and whisper mean things to one another...yeah yeah, all kids do that at some point, but to an infant? Yeah, they hit their infant brother. Probably because he is VFRC's new favorite and she stopped paying attention to the older three.

So after the latest round of Jizz cheating, VFRC decides that they need to move to Missouri. No family there, no home lined up, no money to move, but the city of El Paso and the state of Texas are what is causing Jizz to cheat and they need to move. She poor mouthed on FB for a while, talking about how she hoped they got their taxes in soon because it was going to cost a lot of money and then one day it was "We're packing and moving". No good byes (not that I care) but she didn't even let the kids say goodbye to the Bug. I don't know why I thought she would, she doesn't have consideration for anyone, why should my daughter be different?

Here's the best/worst part. They blew out of town like a sandstorm and left Madre (Jizz's mom) with a completely wrecked house. Three truck loads of trash and left behind junk in the garage, bags of shit filled diapers, a can of shitty toilet paper, a 50-gallon fish tank that not only hadn't been cleaned in years, but had 100's of feeder fish that were decaying while still alive and everything previously described. The poor woman had sacrificed a profit for years to provide her grandchildren a place to live and was now left with a property that was destroyed.

For the past week, Hubby, my mother, and I have been cleaning, fixing, hauling, and painting everything that needs it. We've been there when VFRC's brothers came over and dished all the dirt they had on her to Madre trying to get Madre to let them move in (Yes, the brothers that destroyed parts of the house). We were there when VFRC called to cuss out Madre for holding a yard sale to 1) get rid of the shit left behind and 2) recoup some of the cost of the damage. VFRC had the nerve to demand that Madre not sell the stuff because it was theirs. Really? You left in a pile of trash. What the fuck. Did I mention I had to clean an empty the fish tank? That's a separate blog in itself.

So today, after a full week of biting my tongue, I get a phone call from VFRC. I was at a friends house with no signal so the call dropped. I texted her to let her know that I had a bad signal and asked her what she needed. She said never mind and I left it at that. After a minor car accident....yeah, my fault, I headed home and my momma and Madre told me she had tried to call my momma too. They couldn't call Madre because they turned off her phone, so they tried us. I then texted her to see if she needed something again. This is a word for word text convo.

ME: I am home and have signal now. Do you need to talk?

VFRC: Is jizzs moms car there?

ME: Yeah

VFRC: Can u go over and ask her for the at&t internet router, and then can u possibly drop it off at ups monday? His moms being a bitch and wont do anything to help us, please let me know if she gave the router or not, its a black box looking thing with at&t on it

ME: I'm actually over here right now. We've been cleaning and painting and repairing for the past week to help her out and she's been nothing close to a bitch. She has a new phone now, you have Jizz call her and maybe start out with an apology. I saw how you left this house, you should be ashamed.

VFRC: She sold things i asked her not and were family airlooms and she has been nothing but rude to us, i had a maid scheduled to come and clean it up after we left, but when she started being a bitch to me, i cancelled the maid. i left it knowing a maid was coming to clean. Can u please ask her for the router and if anything just leave it outside the front door and ill have my friend come get it

ME: Would the maid haul off trash and paint and repair? It has taken 10 people five days and we aren't anywhere close to cleaning and repairing the filth left behind. As far as the things you left behind, we're the soiled diapers the HEIRLOOMS you speak of? What about the shitty toilet paper can? Maybe the cigarette butts? Is she supposed to store your garbage for free?
Have your husband contact Madre if he needs something. I am not your pawn. You should be ashamed, if that's even an emotion you can feel

VFRC: Yes the maid was going to clean up garbage, and cig butts, and the toilet paper was in a trash can and probably from texy, and the house was not that bad. Wow what a friend ur being. And we would talk to her if one shed stop hanging up on us and just talk and two not be a bitch back, all we asked was for her to put the router out front for a friend to come get

ME: VFRC, then your view of what "that bad" is is skewed. The fish tank hadn't been cleaned probably ever, there was filth and trash in every room, the carpet is destroyed, the walls covered in grime and crayon, the yard is destroyed, the toilet was rusted and stained. Also, do not send your friends husband down here again. (He came down trying to intimidate Madre)

VFRC: That who is suppose to pick up the router, he is suppose to get it for us. My brother is fixing the carpet if Madre would let him and he offered to paint and help repair too but she told him to fuck off, she has had many of my brothers offer to help and she has turned em down

ME: Mom was here for all of that and that didn't happen. The second you left town your brothers were ratting you out to her and begging for her to let them stay here.

VFRC: Thats not what his mom said to jizz

ME: Well Jizz is lying to you. Wouldn't be the first time.

VFRC: Well jizzs mom is a bitch and ive known it since i married jizz and she has never liked me, so i guess she just has to deal with that fucking house, she gets what comes to her and no jizz aint lying

ME: This time?

VFRC: This time what?

ME: His isn't lying this time?

VFRC: No hes not thank you very much

ME: You don't want to deal with the issues in your crappy marriage so you lash out at a woman who has done nothing but help you.

VFRC: Well just have her put the router on the outside

ME: No. I'm not your messaging service and you can't order me around.

VFRC: Really, she hasnt helped us worth shit, we maid her mortgage, her phone bill, and kept her house from being forclosed, she hasnt helped worth shit.
Well we don't have her number so we cant contact her, and im not ordering you to do anything, i asked not ordered

ME: You paid 950 if you FELT like it and her mortgage is way more than that. Be delusional VFRC. Think you were a good tenant, think you aren't filthy, think you aren't a shitty fucking mom. You pay rent because that's what you do when you live in someone else's house. You can't reach her because you turned off her phone.

VFRC: Oh now im a shitty mom? Really?

ME: You scream at those kids like they are trash, you smoke and you breast feed, you let them walk around with dirt and gross things on their clothes and faces, you're son had a bronchial infection and you STILL smoked. You let them live in filth and treat T (the oldest) as if she was created to take care of the others so you can knit.
Being a good parent is more than cake and cookies and footies, it's love and compassion and kindness and you don't have any of that. But why would you? Self centered sociopaths don't.

VFRC: Oh really? Nice to see ur perseptice of my family. Nice, thank you for your opinion, i appreciate it.

ME: Oh it's much worse than that and you know it. You have a compulsive cheater as a husband who takes no responsibility for his actions. He fucking blamed you not showing him attention for cheating? What kind of man is that? He calls you fat but he is easily 300 lbs and he's a grown man with kids who still smokes pot. He said he's sorry because if he divorced him, he would be poorer than you already are. I'm sure someone told you at some point that you deserved better than this, but you don't. You deserve every misery that comes your way. Now we're done.

Okay, lengthy and probably mean (of me) but I lost it. The second she started talking bad about Madre, I said fuck it, game on. She deleted me on FB, thank God, and even though I went at her with the e brake on, I'm sure she's either trying not to kill herself or screaming at her kids/husband. And while I won't touch on how many times CPS has been contacted about her in Texas, I can assure you I will continue calling in Missouri when I get their address from Madre. She has no one that knows her there, noone to answer to if she goes to far. She's going to home school them too, bitch can't spell but she can home school.

Setting my bitterness and anger aside, please pray for those four kids. They're going to need it.


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I am so proud of you! Glad you told her about herself. Sometimes people have no clue. She is horrible.

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