Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good Man

"Yeah, after this class I move over to the human services part of the degree. It'll be good because now I won't have to be with all the same people. Some of us are going to different parts of the degree. Thank goodness because it's been a long time coming," said Typhoid Maria to Clown Face as I walked in class. She looked shocked and directly at me so I figured she was talking about me. Shit, I've had coffee, I'll play.

"Do you mean me?" I asked. She nervously laughed and said something in Spanish to Clown Face and then to me said, "Oh, no, I just meant, um, well, you're probably sick of all of us too..."

"Yes, I absolutely am. You're all idiots. I'll be surprised if you graduate, and if you do graduate, you'll never find a job,"I WANTED to say. Instead, I said, "Wow, I didn't realize what a catty, passive-aggressive bitch you are. Well, yes I did." Fat Alberto laughed, Clown Face said something in Spanish with a laugh, and Typhoid Maria just scowled. Come at me bitch.

I've had our new instructor before, though I don't think I have blogged about him. He is also Hubby's teacher at the law enforcement academy. He thinks highly of me according to Hubby and said he grades everyone elses papers off of mine. I'm flattered and had I known this before, I would have tried harder.

He's smaller than I remember. He also isn't wearing his glasses and I thought that maybe Hubby and I know two different men named the same thing. Oh, name. He needs a blog name. We can go with Mr. Bordertown. It works, I promise.

I haven't seen Clown Face since I-USA's class. Her makeup has gotten much worse. She looks like a stroke victim. I wish I could snap a picture, but I respect Mr. Bordertown too much to be that rude.

It should be a quick night, should be. But Fat Alberto thinks this is his opportunity to brag about being a security officer. Mr. Bordertown took this opportunity to talk about how big of a nutcase most security guards are. I LOL'd real world. Fat Alberto didn't get it. He just kept talking about how he thinks his "people" need to be carrying tasers.

I kind of feel bad for the rest of the class. Mr. Bordertown and I have been discussing trends in law enforcement as if the rest of the class doesn't exist. Fat Alberto and Clown Face are trying, but he just sort of ignores what they add. Bad for them, but great for me. I feel like my brain is getting some exercise. I needed this big time.

Most of break was spent talking football with him and a bit of local politics.

After break, we discussed issues plaguing law enforcement today, but it all ended up with the class discussing Sun City and its eternal corruption. Mr. Bordertown was privy to some shit that perks my interests something fierce. Unfortunately, he didn't play politics, he wasn't corruptible, and he called them on their shit. In this town, if you aren't with them, you're dead to them.

I recorded the class so I could blog about it later, and I will. Promise. Some good shit happened, but I am exhausted! Little Bug woke up at 4:41 AM and that means I was up at 4:41 AM after only having gone to sleep at 1 AM. I need to knock the fuck out. Updates tomorrow!


Shannon {ava_caitlyn} said...

I am so glad you have a lovely teacher! YAY for someone who won't make you be quiet. LOL!!

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