Tuesday, September 27, 2011

She's A Mean Woman

I'm sure my loyal followers were not expecting a blog until Thursday (during or after class), but you get one on a Tuesday afternoon. It is about class though.

I didn't go to class last week as I had a way more important (okay, just more fun) engagement called book club. I don't regret going to book club, however, in my absence, Coca-Cola and Shit In My Mouth allowed J-JO to add two new members to our group. One who's seems willing to just go along with whatever I say, and the other who is a catty fucking bitch who needs to get popped in the mouth.

I texted this bitch THREE TIMES with my email, name and contact number and requested hers as well. She doesn't send me shit but has the nerve to post in our forum that our teacher can read and it says "I havent receaved anything about our assignment and no one listed my email addresses on the team chater I AM a part if this team weather anyone is ok with that and I need to be included". Yeah, that's a copy and paste. I'll ignore the obvious mistakes in grammar and spelling and cut straight to what pissed me the fuck off.

I texted her THREE TIMES asking for her info and I got nothing. I haven't even met this bitch and she has the nerve to try and call me (okay the whole group) out?! And from what I know about Shit In My Mouth and Coca-Cola, they would have been nothing but nice to her last Thursday. Coca-Cola even called me to tell me that they both seemed smart and that this one seemed a little miffed that we already had a team leader. He said she said "She better know what she's doing or else". Who the fuck says that???? And yeah bitch, my 4.0 gpa says I know what the fuck I'm doing.

I can't wait until Thursday. Game on bitch.


Shannon said...

Wooh.... Okay. I am available.... To kick some ass. Or to hold your earrings while you do it. ;)

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