Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You Kill Me

I'm about to lose some friends, but that's okay. You don't have to like what I am about to say for it to be true.

Black culture is responsible for the murder of Christopher Lane. Had their mommas and daddies been present, they wouldn't be involved in trying to live a gang banger lifestyle. Had they not been trying to emulate the images they see from the black entertainment world, they wouldn't have thought killing someone would give them some street cred. Had they been involved in productive activities this summer, they wouldn't have been bored and killed a white man in cold blood.

Yes, those boys are responsible for their own actions. I say fry 'em. And while you do it, make sure their heroes, who I assume are raps elite, have to sit their and watch what they inspired. One of them calls himself "Baby Drake" on his FB page. And a "Black Power" pic on there. Who's to say it isn't racial now? If we can accuse Zimmerman with no evidence, we can nail this asshole with that pic, right?

It isn't a race issue you say? Maybe not, but if it was a black man shot by three white kids, y'all would be on the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton race baiting train. Are you pissed? Good, because I sure as hell am. This is what a culture that promotes hatred, violence, crime, misogyny, etc. causes. This is what happens when you don't hold yourself to a higher standard. This is what you have allowed to happen after people fought so hard for your equality. Be fucking pissed and be very ashamed.

If you live under a rock and have not heard about how three black teenagers murdered a white, Australian baseball player in Oklahoma because they were bored, you can read about it here. Or here. Or here.

And if you aren't angry, if you aren't disgusted, if you can't feel the same sadness and rage you felt for Trayvon Martin, you can go fuck yourself you racist piece of shit. Yep, you are a racist. No apologies today or from here on out. Same standard for all.


Anonymous said...

So how do you fix it?

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

Great question. How about we start with accountability? How about we stop allowing the excuses that are made for people like this to be used? Stop the race-baiters and the entitlement whores and force this community to fix themselves.

Stop idolizing people who condone and encourage violence, hatred, homophobia, misogyny, drug and alcohol abuse, and start looking for positive role models. Stop bowing down at the throne of Oprah, stop letting criminal, racist pricks like Sharpton and Jackson speak for you and start speaking for yourself with opinions you have formed on your own.

Don Lemon said it best:

Stop sagging your pants/dress appropriately.
Stop saying the n-word.
Stop having babies out of wedlock.
Stop littering.
Stay in school.

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

I would like to add this, stop fucking blaming white people for everything. You were not alive, no one still is, that knows what slavery is like. Not black or white. You are not owed anything.

Anonymous said...

Do you agree there is inequality in the way the average black kid is raised vs the average white kid? School funding, absentee parents, drug and incarceration rates, etc.

Also, HOW do you fix it? Dethrone Oprah, create accountability...but how?

Fat Bottomed Girl said...

Honestly? I don't do anything, because no matter what I do, this community has to want it. They have to fix themselves. They have to start snitching....start cooperating with the police to take these drug dealers, gang bangers, wife beaters, and deadbeat parents of of the streets. They have to start striving for something other than that thug life. Start reading, studying, striving to not be another statistic.

But I resent the implication that white kids have it easier. That's just another excuse for black kid to fail.

Also, I know pretty much everyone who reads/commments on here. Have we met? You can remain anonymous, no biggie, but are you familiar with my stuff (the whole blog, fb page, etc) or are you new around these parts?

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