Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh No She Didn't

Seriously, this is a much needed rant.

My new "teacher" and yes I am using that term loosely, not only has written a syllabus and policy letter that makes her sound like an uptight bitch, but when I emailed her today (because she will "not accept texts or phone calls from students") to ask her to change our assignment tab so I could post my homework on time and she replied with:


Greetings, to you,

The homework for this week is not due until this Friday.  This is clearly indicated in my syllabus that I have posted for your review.

I ask that you review the meterail prior to coming to class.

Thank you."

Now, this may not seem like anything, but I clearly know university policy and it states that students are permitted and encouraged to turn assignments in early and no later than the day of class. So screw whatever date she picks, I can turn it in (and should) early.

She also has an email signature that states "Please consider the environment before printing out this and any document." But then required it in our syllabus that we print about 40 pages and bring them in tonight. Oh, and we can't have computers in class as she finds they are distracting to her purpose. But our textbook is online, and our classwork, oh, and all of the papers she wanted us to print and bring. I guess we just have to "consider" the environment, not actually save it.

Oh, my favorite part....
She has the letters MSL and CFE after her name. CFE is certified fraud examiner and MSL I think means she has a law degree, which she got from a "non-traditional learning environment such as yourself." I know it's just five classes with her, it's an easy route to a masters and that I have more law enforcement knowledge and experience in my pinkie toe nail than she has had in her whole life, but I already want to ring her neck.

I would blog during class but I wouldn't want to offend her fucking purpose.


Shannon said...

Laughing so hard! Eff the environment! You need to add a few initials after your name!

Ana said...

HAHAHA! Okay...that's just ridiculous. Teachers like that need a swift kick in the ass. Seriously, not accepting phone calls? I understand texts but no calls? That's stupid!

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